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P=Producer | W=Writer | E=Engineer | M=Mixer

Until June/"The Sound Of Defeat"/Sony-BMG P E M  
Earshot/”The Silver Lining”/In De Goot-Universal P E M  
Until June/”Until June”/Flicker-Sony BMG P E M W
Dizmas/“On A Search In America”/Credential-EMI P E M W
The Daylights/Daylight-Epic Records P E M  
Kelly Clarkson/”Break Away”/RCA Records (Grammy Winner) E  
Avril Lavigne/”Under My Skin”/Aritsa Records E  
Our Lady Peace/“Healthy In Paranoid Times”/Columbia Records E  
Avril Lavigne & Chantal Kreviazuk/”Maybe This Christmas Too?”/Nettwerk E M  
King’s X/“Ear Candy”/Atlantic Records E M    
Michelle Branch/“What The World Needs Now”/Sony Records E      
Galactic Cowboys/“Space In Your Face”/Geffen-DGC Records E      
Precious Death/“If You Must”/Metro One Records P E M  
Diana Degarmo/RCA Records E      
Chantal Kreviazuk/“Redemption Song”/Sony Records E      
Resurrection Band/“Lament”/R.E.X.-Grrr Records E      
Sons Of Thunder/“Airheads” Motion Picture/20th Century Fox P E M  
Galactic Cowboys/“The Horse That Bud Bought”/Metal Blade Records P E M  
20/20 Blind/“Never Far”/Intersound Records P E M  
Pushmonkey/“Professional Nympho Music”/Arista Records E M    
Pushmonkey/“El Bitche”/Trespass Records P E M W
Galactic Cowboys/“At The End Of The Day”/Metal Blade Records P E M  
Galactic Cowboys/“KISS My Ass” Tribute/Mercury Records P E M  
Galactic Cowboys/“Metal Meister, Vol. 2”/Metal Blade Records P E M  
Galactic Cowboys/“Feel The Rage”/Metal Blade Records E M    
Galactic Cowboys/“Let It Go”/Metal Blade Records E      
Poundhound/“Pineappleskunk”/Metal Blade Records E      
Carmine Appice/“Guitar Zeus 1” E      
Finer Truth/“Embrace The Day”/United Edge Records P E M  


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